Volunteers of Bruce Peru saving street kids, Abandoned WomenVolunteer Ecuador staff help educate street kids and save abandoned women from poverty

An earthquake and then a tsunami in a part of Latin America where we have opened schools exposed our lack of preparedness: the fact that we were neither trained nor equipped to deal with such a loss. We did not have an effective plan for getting our schools reopened right away. We have corrected this. Not only can we now get our own schools operating again within a few days, we can also for stand in for state schools which are likely to be closed for many months. We can place our portable schools near to a collapsed or damaged national school or else in a refugee camp if the original neighborhood is temporarily uninhabitable.

The principal limitation to how many portable schools we can open how quickly is the cost of each SCHOOL-IN-A-BOX
[$2,000 US] and the cost of operating each individual SCHOOL-IN-A-BOX per month [$700 US] for up to one school term. We have sufficient trained, mobile staff and we use local teachers in country. Each SCHOOL-IN-A-BOX is made from an air cargo container - each folds out to make a temporary school able to accommodate up to 30 children - with two daily shafts = 60 children. Each SCHOOL-IN-A-BOX is designed to last for up to one year, and can double as a shelter at night. We ship them from Lima airport.

So far we have opened 63 schools throughout Latin America: [Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela]. It takes between two and four weeks from request to fully functioning school [the shortest time so far is one day]. So here we are, standing by, ready to respond. Call us, SKYPE us or email us:
Call: +51 44 949924445 (or +51 44 202141) SKYPE: "agendaint" , Email:

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SCHOOL-IN-A-BOX is a collaborative effort between: Agenda SOS International, Bruce Organisation & Volontaires Sans Frontieres



Street children need  help...... Stricken children,
..........They come to us they are;
we make of them
..........what they let us
they crave love, need direction......ready for school